Servant Church in the of Mason City, IA

16th Sunday after Pentecost – 2023

Date: September 17, 2023
Key Speaker: Pastor Dan Dahl
Season: pentecost
Series: There is no special sermon series at the time of this livestream

September 17, 2023, 9:00 AM

Whether we live with health or not, whether we are rich or poor, God’s grace and love for us come streaming from the cross of Jesus Christ. Finding God’s grace at the cross, we can see evidence of God’s love all around us. Take the time today to see how God’s grace has touched your life, and how God’s love surrounds you now. May we demonstrate in our lives the grace that has been given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. God loves us without conditions. May we show unconditional love to others. God has shown us tenderness and mercy. May we do the same to others. God has forgiven us. God invites you to forgive others, too, and to let go of the grudges you have. Living in God’s grace, ought to make us kinder and more loving.