Servant Church in the of Mason City, IA

2nd Sunday after Epiphany – 2024

Date: January 14, 2024
Key Speaker: Pastor Tom Dettmer
Season: Epiphany
Series: There is no special sermon series at the time of this livestream

Rev. Alvin Rogness was pastor at Trinity from 1942 to 1952 and later became a renowned professor at Luther Seminary and a leader in the national church. Visiting Trinity in retirement (1984), he commented on today’s readings: “Everyone is a follower of something. Even those with no ideals follow the chaotic impulses of their own whims, appetites, or fears. Persons who have chosen to serve an ideal are free from the bondage of their passions… Jesus did not ask for leaders, but followers. No person can be a leader unless he is following the ideals of the group he leads.”