Servant Church in the of Mason City, IA

2nd Sunday of Advent – 2023

Date: December 3, 2023
Key Speaker: Pastor Dan Gerrietts
Season: Advent
Series: Advent 2023: Why Wait?

This Advent season, we are preparing our hearts for the coming of Jesus the Messiah and King – both his arrival that happened 2000 years ago and his coming again in the future. Advent invites us to wait. However, over these four weeks, we also want to ask, “Why wait?” We know that part of Advent is trusting that Jesus is both “already” and also “not yet” here. What would it look like if we leaned more into the “already?” Jesus is here! With us. For us. Now. This weekend we hear Isaiah cry, “Comfort my people!” And John the Baptist declares “the beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ.” Comfort begins with honesty and recognizing God’s grace.