Servant Church in the of Mason City, IA

4th Sunday in Lent – 2024

Date: March 10, 2024
Key Speaker: Rev. Dr. Norma Cook Everist
Season: Lent
Series: Wandering Heart - Figuring out Faith with Peter

Set My Mind on Jesus
Jesus confronts Peter when he wants to stop Jesus from enduring suffering and death.
MATTHEW 16:21-24  

This week we focus on Peter’s journey and ours. Peter said, “No, Jesus, don’t go to Jerusalem and suffer and die.” Jesus called Peter a stumbling block.  There are times to say “Stop” to keep people from harming themselves; times to say “No” to a leader who is harming people.  Jesus said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan.”  Jesus refuses to give in to temptation by evil. We are joined to Jesus’ cross and resurrection so we can follow Jesus. In following, we find Jesus beside us to care for us wherever we are.