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Youth Prayer Mentors

In 2021, we started a program at Trinity to form meaningful and supportive relationships between some of our youth and adults — Youth Prayer Mentors.  I am seeking adults who are willing to be monthly Prayer Mentors with our 5th-grade youth.  Ideally, the relationship will develop as the student becomes a 6th grader, and the Prayer Mentor will transition to being a Prayer Partner as they will continue to pray for the same student and also be prayed for by the 6th-grade student.  Since the program is designed for 5th and 6th-grade students, I am asking for adults who are willing to commit to two years as a Prayer Mentor/Partner. 

To become a Prayer Mentor, an interested adult will need to complete the short application, attend a brief training, and complete the Safeguarding Policy Screening form.  If there are more adults interested than 5th-grade students this year, some adults may be asked to wait until next year to be matched with the next class.  The 5th-grade students will complete a short informational sheet that focuses on their interests, family, and school life.  This information will help me, as the Middle School Youth Ministries Director, match students to their Prayer Mentors.

During the student’s 5th grade year, the matched Prayer Mentor will simply pray for the student at least once a month and let the student know they prayed by sending a handwritten note.  The Prayer Mentor is NOT to meet with the student.  I, as the coordinator, will guide the Prayer Mentors with seasonal prompts on how they might pray for their students.  For example, as Thanksgiving approaches, a Prayer Mentor may choose to pray for a student as they travel safely to visit family and as they transition to a new sports team for the winter season.  The student is NOT expected to respond during their 5th-grade year but simply receive the blessing of knowing that a Trinity adult is thinking of them specifically and praying for them. 

Next year in the student’s 6th-grade year, both the student and the adult will participate in praying for each other.  They will now be called Prayer Partners.  This year the adult will complete a short informational sheet for the student to have about their family, interests, and work.  Each month the adult will pray for the student, and ideally, the student with pray for the adult.  Again, I will offer prompts throughout the year to encourage both parties to share their prayers with their Prayer Partners.  Because the program is a two-year commitment, the program will need more adults to be new Prayer Mentors for the incoming 5th graders. 

Adults who are interested in becoming a Prayer Mentor may complete the application in the office before July 31 of this year.  There will be a brief training scheduled once applications are received.  Mentors and students will be matched and will send cards beginning in October.  If you have any questions, please contact Carol Dettmer at