The Northeastern Iowa Synod Assembly met last month at Luther College in Decorah. Gathered around the theme Growing in Faith, Hope, and Love, we heard inspiring stories of a congregation that persisted in faith to create a food pantry, a leader who brings hope through coaching, and another congregation that showed deep love for their pastor when her husband fell ill and died. We shared in worship. We heard about the synod’s work to support congregations and clergy and work toward greater inclusion and diversity. And we heard about plans for the synod assembly to meet every two years going forward, with educational events in the off years. Nine voting members from Trinity attended, including Pastor Hanson and myself. Here are some of their thoughts:

“I enjoyed hearing about how our work and support at Trinity connects to the Synod, ELCA, and globally.”

“Something that really stood out to me was the discussion of Native Peoples formerly situated on lands throughout our Synod and the greater church. I found their comments to be a demonstration of the church’s reckoning with past injustices and a gesture toward healing.”   

“What a blessing it was to be a delegate at the Synod Assembly. The Holy Spirit was truly there with us.” 

Bishop Kevin Jones also shared that the three Iowa Bishops are riding the 50th annual RAGBRAI to raise $50,000 for hunger while highlighting 50 anti-hunger ministries along the way. You can ride along, make a gift here, or simply pray for their trip! To make a gift, click the “Give” tab on our webpage or mark your check/envelope with “Bishops Ride.”

For more on synod assembly and other ways we are church beyond Trinity’s walls, check out the June 2023 episode of “Coffee with the Pastors” on Trinity’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

As I shared back in May, I will be on sabbatical for the next two months. 
(So grateful for this gift that Trinity provides its pastors!) I look forward to returning for worship on Sunday, August 27, 2023. 

In faith, hope, and love –