For Trinity’s High School trip this summer, our group traveled to Denver, Colorado! We spent half the week working in the city and half the week experiencing camp in the mountains of Fort Collins at Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp. Our time in Denver was spent at several non-profit organizations, including:

Urban Servant Corps:
Rocky Mountain Advocacy (ELCA):
Wholly Kicks:
Ekar Farms:
Senior Support Services:
SAME Café:

The congregation of Trinity represented by these students took intentional time to hear from locals, shared support with non-profit organizations, and witnessed the beauty of God’s green earth! Or red earth as we discovered at Garden of the Gods… Beyond what our hands and feet contributed, these students were also committed to sharing peace with each other. Through powerful worship services at camp and surfacing deep questions of faith, this group has remarkably witnessed and actively participated in the living gospel. And will continue to do so.

Thanks for all your support to make this trip possible!
Kristian and Pastor Daniel