Construction on Trinity’s Columbarium began in April and is nearing completion. As I write this, we are waiting only for the final stonework and ground covering finishes. We don’t yet know when these will be completed, but we hope to dedicate and begin using the Columbarium in the next few months.

What is a columbarium? A columbarium is a structure designed to hold the ashes of those who have died and been cremated. Trinity approved the construction of a columbarium at the semi-annual meeting in June 2022. Since then, the Columbarium Committee has worked diligently to approve final construction plans, create policies, and complete the many (many!) steps required by the State of Iowa. They have done so much work. We owe Sarah Swegle, our committee chair, a special debt of gratitude.

Why have a columbarium? To provide a sacred resting place for Trinity’s loved ones and to serve all who honor, grieve, and celebrate them. Many rural churches have cemeteries nearby with saints of past generations. Trinity’s columbarium will be a similar reminder of the “cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1-2) who surround us and are with us in the one Body of Christ.

How do I purchase a niche? Make an appointment by contacting the church office. (Appointments are available on June 5, 11, 18 & 19.) You will need to meet in person with a member of the Columbarium Committee to go through the policies, sign documents, and select a niche. Each niche can hold the cremains of up to two people. Those not wanting a niche but who wish to be a part of the memorial wall should also make an appointment. The memorial wall is a great option if you already have burial plans elsewhere but wish to be a part of the columbarium structure.