Where else besides Trinity Lutheran Church can you immediately feel welcomed as you walk through the door? Great people, delicious food, delightful entertainment, and excellent fellowship could all be found at the Senior Summer Luncheon and Worship Service held in the Fellowship Hall at the beginning of August.
Pastor Daniel Hanson and Interim Pastor Dan Dahl presided over the event and worship service. In fact, Pastor Daniel opened the luncheon by introducing Pastor Dahl: “The power of Dan is growing here at Trinity!”
The Fellowship Hall was buzzing with conversation and laughter, two things people can’t get enough of at any age. Pastor Daniel gave the Meditation with his lessons of the garden. One of his comments that no one will forget soon included, “Some years you have a bumper crop, and some years you have mice.” He pointed out that gardens can certainly be metaphors for life and faith.
Special music was provided by Betsy Kirby, accompanying Samantha Pang as she sang “In Christ Alone” and “You Say.” Music can find its way inside your soul, and several hearts were touched by Samantha’s beautiful voice.
Lutherans are known for their great food, and this luncheon showcased a delicious meal, complete with cheesecake for dessert. Where there is food, people are sure to gather.
Pastor Dan Dahl presided over communion, which was delivered to each table. A village of helpers made the afternoon so very enjoyable. It certainly was a luncheon not to be missed…and if you did, make sure to put it on your calendar for next year!

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