Mark Feustel giving Holy Communion to Gus Brandt during a visit

Three of Trinity’s members sang the praises of being involved with the Visitation Ministry at Trinity. Helping others is a gift to all who are involved!
 Kent Craun is a Home Communion volunteer who “enjoys doing things for other people.” He mentioned there is more involved than simply helping others. “You get very close to people, and they become like family!” he said. One memory of his that stands out is talking to one woman for 22 years.
 Anna Marie Wilson is a God’s Squad volunteer who “just wanted to be a part of that program!” She said, “Some years ago, I had a serious surgery, and the parish nurse at that time was so kind and helpful. She started the God’s Squad. At that time, it was combined together with home communion visitation.” Out of her many memories, she mentioned, “One memory that stands out is a couple that I would visit and give communion once a month. They were so nice and friendly, sharing their life experiences with me. I learned so much. They always had the coffee on with cookies. That experience impacted my life!”
 Jan Feustel, another God’s Squad volunteer, became involved with this ministry in a unique way. “So why did I become a God’s Squad volunteer? That is easy—-it was easier to say yes than no!   But the long story is that we were running a little late to church and were hurrying to slip into one of those back pews! But there was Rhoda, our parish nurse at that time, and a bunch of Trinity members. She encouraged us to march down the center aisle at church with other Trinity members, affirming our dedication to Trinity’s God’s Squad. We had no idea what that was, but what a wonderful experience it has been!” she said.
What is God’s Squad all about? Feustel said, “As Pastor Norma Everist said in her service, we should ‘speak, act, and care for people.’  God’s Squad enables us to do exactly that!” Since God’s Squad was a fairly new program at the time, Feustel was one of the many who helped organize it. She explained, “We arranged for Trinity members to make home visits, package a cup of soup and a roll for the visit, make phone calls, help with transportation to doctors’ appointments, and many other things to help a fellow Trinity member. It was like helping a friend, and that friend was very appreciative. Many friendships were formed!”
 Like Craun and Wilson, Feustel enjoyed visiting with Trinity members. She said, “We celebrated birthdays, shared sad moments, pet the family cat, and brought special candy. It was a special time!” Feustel recommends that you become involved in this ministry.
We currently have about 40 volunteers serving in the visitation ministry. On average, 60 visits/phone calls are completed each month. If you are interested in making a phone call or visiting, simply call Trinity at 641-423-0536 and leave a message or talk to Becky. Memories are waiting to be made!†