I was interviewing for the Youth and Family Pastor position at Trinity when I first heard someone use these words to describe Trinity’s life and mission.

We are a Servant Church

I asked the call committee, “What does that mean?” Their answers were passionate and specific. Caring for the poor. Supporting our local social service agencies. Showing hospitality like Jesus. Not worrying about ourselves as much as our neighbors who need us. It was inspiring and incredibly appealing. I remember thinking, “I want to be a part of this.”
One of the gifts of the good news of Jesus is the way it frees us to serve others. Trusting that we are loved unconditionally and knowing that our salvation doesn’t depend on our goodness or good actions, we are free to love and serve for the sake of our neighbor. Grace turns us outward. It helps us face the world with humility and to see that God cares for others and their needs just as much as God cares for us. And God wants to love people through us.
On Sunday, October 23, Trinity is hosting a church-wide day of service called “God’s Work, Our Hands.” We have done God’s Work Our Hands projects before. But this year, we reached out to a number of community service agencies and friends to see if we could make a bigger impact than ever before. The result is a list of projects from cleaning to painting to signing greeting cards – a list of projects for every age and ability. It will take a good number of us coming together for an afternoon to get it all done. But I think it will also be fun – serving together.
Can’t make it on October 23?  There are GWOH opportunities the week before.  Check out the list on page 12, and plan on joining us. It should be a great day (week) of being a Servant Church together!