Assembling and mailing over 400 Connection newsletters requires quite a crew. The last Wednesday morning each month finds a team of volunteers gathered in the Fellowship Hall to label, fold, tape, and put the finished newsletter in bins to go to the post office.
Although the Connection newsletter is offered online, so many people still prefer a physical copy. Marge Baack is one of them. “I just love to sit down and read it page to page,” she said.
Baack and her husband, Harlan, are two of the volunteers who make sure the newsletter gets into people’s hands each month. Other members of the crew include Eloise Davis, Sharon Heimbuch, Kathy Pitcher, Patty Flatness, Craig Remmen, Mike Last, and Criss Moore.

Of course, Lou Ann Rossler starts the process. She’s been doing this a long time, and remembers when the newsletter went out once a week, even having to be broken down by different zip codes before getting mailed. Rossler said she “gives the Connection crew the stuff and they just take off and do it!” She added, “They’re just a lovely group of people!”
Why volunteer for this essential task each month? “It’s fun!” Moore said. Remmen added, “Because Lou Ann calls and asks!” Marge Baack chimed in, “We’re just a one-of-a-kind committee!”
Heimbuch explained that she was passionate about volunteering at the Hawkeye Harvest Food Bank. “Now I am able to do less than I used to,” she said, “so I’ve replaced my work there with this.” Although she was sad to give up her work at the Food Bank, she finds helping with the Connection mailing fulfilling as well.
Everyone on this crew volunteers in many other ways, either at Trinity or other locations in town. Kathy Pitcher explained that she and Remmen will be co-chairs of the Scandinavian Bazaar this year. The two laughed when Pitcher said, “We play well together!” Remmen joked, “She does kind of mother me sometimes…” This is the type of conversation you might hear if you’re anywhere near this bunch as they’re working. Chatting happily and sometimes stopping for a snack keeps them coming back every month.
Davis explained that she also used to help with mailings at Stebens Children’s Theatre after she retired from being a para at the high school for almost 30 years. She shared a secret about working on the Connection crew: Sometimes the crew spots their name and address on a newsletter, but “[It] gives us a first look, we can’t take it home!” Davis said.

A retired teacher, paras, a print shop expert, a factory worker, and a former Lutheran bishop (among other
occupations)…all have their own gifts that they bring to the table in getting the Connection out each month. Since Remmen spent 30 years in a printing company and also has a self-confessed fascination for paper, he said, “It reminds me of the work I used to do…but this is more fun!”
Patty Flatness said, “I really enjoy helping with the Connection! The group we have going is the best, and we keep track of each other beyond that, too.” She added, “[It] Gives us a first look at the upcoming month also!”
And retired Bishop Mike Last mentioned that he appreciates the good fellowship involved in assembling the Connection newsletters. “The place buzzes!” he exclaimed, “and I like that!” He also added, “I’m a person who needs to stay busy. That’s why I’m here. To sit at home and twiddle my thumbs…that’s not me!”
Thanks to this crew for being an important part of “connecting” Trinity members. If anyone is looking for a way to be involved at Trinity in this low-key and fun
atmosphere, contact Lou Ann in the church office.†